CommSkills has recently been formed to create a national database of all professional freelance trainers, the products they specialise in, current skill sets, accreditations and geographical area covered. The formation of this database will ultimately:

1. Supply work to trainers and fill empty diary dates.

2. Assist trainers in obtaining more work locally, thus avoiding long distance travel without reducing their workload.

3. Assist Manufacturers, Distributors, and Resellers in meeting their training needs with quality trainers nationally.

Until now trainers have worked hard to build a reputation for high quality training and relied on word of mouth to expand their business - Commskills will help you to undertake more work in your local area.

Manufacturers and distributors will be contacted by Commskills and encouraged to book their national training needs through the one company that can supply high quality training nationwide - Commskills.

Commskills will promote their unique offering in the telecommunications and associated press.

CommSkills Ltd has been set up as an associate company to Telecom Training Solutions, who currently manage a database of over 150 major manufacturers, distributors, and resellers, all of which often encounter problems when trying to locate trainers in specific geographical areas.

Commskills will be able to identify geographical 'product gaps' within the UK. This will be made available to all Commskills registered trainers - product training courses may be offered to those trainers who assist in 'closing the gaps' - the eventual aim being to offer national coverage on all products.

A central telephone number will be published for all manufacturers, distributors and resellers to contact for training requirements. When training is requested in your area (your own defined training area) on your products then CommSkills booking office will contact you and request your availability. If the appropriate dates are available we will allocate the jobs to you. If there is more than one trainer in the same area with the same skills then the jobs will be distributed in rotation.

Benefits to Trainers

Bookings will be made on your behalf.
CommSkills will obtain full details and a completed booking form will be forwarded to the trainer.
If requested training schedules and quick reference guides are organised by CommSkills.
Prompt payment. Trainers to invoice on the last day of each month, invoices paid immediately.
CommSkills will facilitate continual product training to ensure you are always up to date.

Please click on submit details and complete the form. CommSkills will contact you within 3 working days with trainer's pack and full details. All database entry information will be forwarded for your approval. There is no obligation.

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