Frustrated with locating quality trainers 'nationally'? If so then please read on:

In today's increasingly sophisticated communication systems market place, the need for skilled professional trainers to ensure customers maximise the benefits from their new system installation is becoming more and more apparent. However, sourcing these skilled individuals is becoming ever more time consuming. CommSkills has been established to take the effort out of finding the right skills in the right place at the right time..

CommSkills Ltd is an associate company to Telecom Training Solutions. With over five years experience in a fast moving and increasingly demanding market, Telecom Training Solutions are proud to be recommended by major manufacturers and distributors of telecommunications products: Telecom Training Solutions have provided over 150 resellers with training services for those products. In our experience, and after receiving many telephone enquiries seeking trainers for all products in various locations - One of the key frustrations for the telecommunications channel is knowing which trainers are located where and what skills they have.

CommSkills possess a national database of professional freelance trainers. Training requirements can be specified to CommSkills who will then find the right skills at the right place at the right time. CommSkills can in this way remove the 'burden' (which is often the term used when relating to training) from Manufacturers, Distributors, and Resellers when seeking training services nationally.

CommSkills aim is to offer quality training on all products 'nationally'
We have a geographical picture of what training services are being offered in each county within the UK. When 'product gaps' are discovered, CommSkills will endeavour to fill these 'gaps' by offering courses to other trainers around that location on the relevant products.

CommSkills Services

Complete booking details and liase with Project Manager/Sales/Operations.
Create training schedule (if required).
Supply colour laminated user guides with Company/Manufacturer/Resellers logo's (Optional).
Fill 'empty' geographical areas with trainers on your products.
Offer up to date information to all trainers on each product.
Provide 'Train The Trainer' courses.
Provide full feedback documents on all works completed.


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